Have fun, have a Kitkat with snapchat

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Background —

Designing a flagship store for Kitkat in Brazil needs a lot of effort, and you can't go live without snapchat filters for the Gen-Z. For the store opening, they will initially launching with four snapcodes for each of the key areas in store: Iconic bench, The kitchen, The cafe, VR zone, and Grab and go.

Given tasks —
The cafe area: Defining 'Kitkat character' & Storyboard

Create a looping animation: Two Kitkats enjoying seesaw and dive into a coffee mug to achieve an extra flavour. The other Kitkat sees it and it wants to do the same.

Half way through :
Official release:
The cafe area: Second release storyboard

Create a looping animation: Two Kitkats dancing samba and having fun.

How it looks in AR filter:
The bench area —

Rainbow colour Kitkat bars with branding rising behind customer's shoulders when they're taking selfie on Snapchat. It's your 'rainbow break'.

How it looks in AR filter:
The Kitchen area—

Customers having fun eating assorted flavourful toppings that Kitkat Chocolatory has to offer. After eating certain number of toppings, you'll win an honorary Kitkat crown.