Just another screensaver-or is it?

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Background: Why —

To create a new immersive retail activation that atttract shoppers toward a device, leading to rich engagement, to increase their dwell time.

Background: What —

The Experience utilizes a laptops’ camera and touch surfaces to showcase the three pillars of Dell Cinema, and offers the user an opportunity to explore each one.

Background: How —

Displaying two stages: Attract & Inform.
Attract is a movement visualisation that sparks intrigue in shoppers, causing them to approach and engage the product.

When the screen is touched, Inform mode is then activated. Then this mode provides educational content on-screen.

dell-icc website
Initial approach —

Hold and drag to explore the specification about Dell Cinema with a strong typographical effect.

Cinema Color                         cinema sound                          cinema stream

Dazzling brights       Panel technology       Richer color

Richer colors   40% brighter highlight       Dazzling brights

10 X Darker blacks   Stunning contrast      Brighter whites

Then it got developed —

Create a clearer way of delivering message. Simple sentence, bullet-pointed essentials only.

Dazzling Brights — Deeper Blacks — Richer Colors
40 x Brighter Highlights — 10 x Darker Blacks — Stunning Contrast
Also, simplised —

In order to support all different devices including non touch screen laptop, inform stage became simpler.

Watch video to find out combined finalised version —